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Thinking about going off the grid?
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A family business committed to bringing you practical products and information for sustainable living. After 30+ years living on a small rural island in the Pacific Northwest, Greg Seaman can teach you a thing or two about how to reduce your environmental impact! >>>


Follow along with Jesse and Alyssa as they develop their 5-acres of land, 100% from scratch, debt free! After quitting their “day jobs” they bought a remote piece of property to build their home, become self-sufficient and live life to the fullest! >>>


Some of the best ideas living a healthier, happier, greener life using the gifts Mother Nature has to offer. Discover natural and home remedies, herbs and essential oils and healthy living tips that helps improve your life- and save the planet! >>>




Living off the grid requires tools! Off Grid World tells us the hand tools, power tools, and equipment needed to make life easier and more productive. Who doesn’t like handling chainsaws, machetes and shovels??! >>>


When living off the grid, it’s important to have the right type of protection. Off The Grid News shares six must have guns for survival arsenal. Rundowns on weapon types anyone who lives off the grid should own. >>>


We all have to eat! There’s no doubt that gardening and raising animals are great sources of food while living off the grid, but another terrific way to supplement food sources is hunting. Truth Survival gives some tips to improve your hunting skills. Happy Hunting! >>>




Veterans Helping Veterans

Not Forgotten Outreach in Taos

The heart of the 9,000 square meter (2.2 acre) property is an earth-brown adobe house. It stood empty for years. Now, if everything goes according to plan, six guest rooms will be ready for use by the middle of next year. It’s not our house, it’s a house for veterans and their families. A place where we can come together and talk, where we can help and console one another. Not Forgotten Outreach is for veterans and their families to come stay at the house for up to five days free of charge. Meals are cooked in the big community kitchen every Wednesday, and everyone’s invited to take part…