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Off Duty

You’ve heard the saying, work hard, play hard right?

Make your Off-Duty time Out-RAGEous

One of the activities dreaded the most when you’re in the military is “mandatory fun.”  Good for team building but being voluntold  to engage in an otherwise fun activity, is in many cases, bad juju. We understand that after a week of work, you’re ready for some excitement, rest and relaxation or chilling with friends and family. Here’s a list of fun things to do off-duty.


Dirt Bike and Motocross TracksAdrenaline junkies! Check out the FIVE most radical dirt bike trails in Colorado! Don’t worry,~ it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, there is a trail in Colorado that’ll kick-start the exhilaration gear! >> Step Outside >>>

There are thousands of dirt bike & motocross tracks in the USA! >> State-by-state listings>>>



Sometimes reintegration begins with decompressing in the outdoors! America is truly BEAUTIFUL, check it out yourself by taking a road trip in the heart of nature. BONUS* Did you know that spending time outdoors is part of the ecotherapy  approach which helps relieve post-traumatic stress? >>US Military Campgrounds & RV Parks>>>>

Additional locations may be found here >> Camping USA>>>>



Staying active is a must for active-duty & reservists military and family members. If you’re lucky enough to be stationed close enough to enjoy the perks of the slopes, then we definitely recommend you do just that! >> Ski Slopes USA>>>>




Rafting & Kayaking trips are epic!  The rush of the water keeps your mind focused and your reflexes on point!  Indeed, an excellent way to putting aside the daily stresses of work life. Play Hard! >>An Adventure of a Lifetime>>>>

Here are 14 more places to canoe and kayak. >>National Forest Foundation>>>>



Bowling, has got to be the military community’s favorite past-time, would you agree? Here’s a link to Bowl America, located in NOVA, DC area. >>Bowl America>>>>

Here’s some additional info on where to find bowling locations near you. >>Bowling Centers>>>>




Hiking is a great way to discover, and become one with nature and your surroundings. Mother Nature has provided us a beautiful earth- spend some time with nature, it’s truly soul-food. >>Hiking Trails in America>>>>





Do you seek therapy on the golf course? Did you know that VA has partnered with the PGA to help veterans assimilate back into their communities through social interaction, mental stimulation and physical exercise? >>Find Your Course>>>>

Here are more off-the-beaten-path gems. >>Golf Advisor>>>>



Disc Golf fuels excitement military members look for to keep active, while boosting soldier morale. Disc golf provides upper and lower body conditioning, aerobic exercise, and promotes a combination of physical and mental abilities that allow very little risk of physical injury. >>Disc Golf Scene>>>>




Cornhole drinking game, anyone? Customized bags instruct your opponent to drink, chug or take a shot when you make the shot! Next time you’re sitting around looking for a morale booster, get a I drink, U drink game going! >>Cornhole Worldwide>>>>





When’s the last time you went to a drive-in movie? Probably a while, right? Well, there aren’t many still left in the USA, but the next time you’re board and looking for a date night with your service member, or military spouse- why not do something different?! >>Drive In Theaters>>>>




Best way to relieve stress is getting back to the basics of your military training. Let it out, find a place to shoot >>Where to Shoot>>>>





The mission? To stimulate wholesome interactions through an emotionally enriching environment while exploring gaming. Lose yourself in the newest and hottest video games! >>PLAYlive Nation>>>>








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