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2019 SEO for beginners

Written by Susan Oliver Nelson, OTG co-founder SEO isn’t rocket science, but search engine optimization can be intimidating for small business owners who may not have the budget to hire large marketing agencies. Search engine optimization is a process that helps develop online presence and boosts a client platform. Keeping up-to-date on algorithms, publishing fresh, relevant content with researched keywords and phrases and tracking user experience are the best ways to get started.   Steps to create a successful…


How to Plan for Life After Discharge: A GUIDE FOR NEW VETERANS

When you’re ready to make the move away from military service and into civilian life, you face some major adjustments. It’s no secret that military life is extremely different than civilian life, and you may find that the challenges ahead of you are a bit steeper to overcome than you once thought. If you are suffering from a physical or psychological injury as a result of your service, you will find the adjustment is even bigger. So what can…