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One great characteristic of a service member or military spouse, they will always have your back! Some of the best military veteran bloggers and military spouse writers share the tools and resources needed to start and grow your own business.

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Strategies for Successfully Growing Your Business in the Gig Economy

Working in the gig economy can provide opportunities for freedom and flexibility. It’s something more people are doing these days, but when you’re dreaming of starting your own gig business, it can be a little intimidating. If you’re thinking of taking that step toward hanging your shingle, follow these strategies for success.

The gig reality

While most of the workforce is still pursuing more traditional, secure positions with benefits, as Inc. explains, the number of those working in the gig economy is expected to reach 43 percent by the year 2020.

Gig businesses include temporary positions and freelancers employed as consultants, writers, website developers, and so forth, typically working virtually via computers and the internet.

Businesses in the gig economy save on resources since they don’t need to offer workspace or benefits to their workers, and workers enjoy deciding whether they prefer to work from home in their pajamas or at the local coffee shop sipping a latte.

Many people take their hobby businesses and develop them into full-time careers, thanks to the gig economy. With flexibility and opportunity on both sides of the equation, the gig economy is thriving.

Developing your own sideline is exciting and edifying as well. For instance, those in recovery programs can reap the benefits of engaging in a healthy and challenging pastime they are passionate about, and it channels energy in a positive way.


Foxhole Homes Achieving Regenerative Agriculture by Caring for Earth & its People

Foxhole’s desire is to have a positive impact on the world.

One way we will do that is through Regenerative Agriculture.

Regenerative Agriculture could be described as interconnected productive systems mimicking nature’s ecosystems. The outputs from our systems simultaneously provide benefit to people, ecologies, animals and economics.

Our definition of agriculture includes people. Agriculture is a human system. It’s a meeting point between human systems and natural ecosystems.

We maintain the integrity of our values by using a set of decision making tools. This ensures that our actions care for both Earth AND its people.

This kind of agriculture is achieved by integrating: water retention landscapes, interplanted orchards (food forests), Agroforestry, Silvopasture, non-timber forest products, Aquaculture, Aquaponics and paddock shift livestock management.


Off Grid Survial Says Container Gardens Grow Food Where Traditionally Impossible

An alternative to growing vegetables, herbs and fruit in a traditional garden, and an especially good option for those who don’t have the land required for a full backyard garden bed is to start a container garden.

While you could spend money buying a bunch of fancy containers, the truth is, pretty much anything that holds soil and has drainage holes can be converted into a container for your survival garden.

You’re probably not going to be completely self-sufficient with this style of garden, but it can be a great way to move towards a more self-reliant lifestyle and can definitely help supplement and increase your emergency food supply.

When it comes to any type of garden, sunlight and temperature are important environmental considerations that will ultimately affect how successfully your garden grows.